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Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities: What We Do
Business Meeting


We begin the journey of corporatising your business. We analyse and provide structure, decision-making processes, and transparency.

We provide Governance, Risk Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Policy, and Procedures.

We develop and apply distinct strategies and modeling for your business.

We identify and articulate disruptive and innovative market opportunities.

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Operational and Strategic

We spend time to analyse how you have been performing and then we provide feedback on your existing operations to identify and articulate what is working well and what should be working better.

Items covered include;

  • Benchmarking of key line items from P&L.

  • Structural - optimising the efficiency of the operations.

  • Decision Making - the establishment of an advisory board and deepening the decision-making process.



Precise execution is the primary focus of our work.  

We bolster, mentor, or become embedded as part of your organisation, often represented as Non - Executive Directors.

We work to achieve rapid results using a blended team of senior professional and experienced executives.

Through clever optimisation, we leverage our experience in B2C and enterprise B2B markets including;

Start-Ups  - SME's  -  Not for Profit  - Government.

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We provide leadership across the team to improve understanding, knowledge, and enhance capabilities.

We create an environment of belonging, a sense of ownership, and accountability.

We develop and leverage the internal team capabilities for greater efficiencies and effectiveness.

We establish a deep understanding and commitment to the business strategy and goals.

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Investment Protection

We protect your investment by emerging IS Advisory into your interests as Non-Executive Directors in the organisation.

We position ourselves with a seat at the table and ensure that your investment is doing what you expect it to do.

We represent Companies, Major Shareholders, Family Office, and Sophisticated Investors.

We provide forensic analysis of the business and ask the difficult questions, providing a solid foundation in helping exciting companies become amazing companies.



IS Advisory are registered lobbyists of both State and Federal Governments.

We represent on behalf of companies to position strategic interests and aligned outcomes at both a State and Federal level.

Interested in how our services can help you?

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